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John Evans

Accessibility and performance obsessed Pokémaster

My Computer Science degree was great but was lacking in one major area; The Web. So, in my spare time I taught myself how to make a simple yet delicious <div> soup and metaphorical vanilla JavaScript dessert.

At Lighthouse I get given content and/or designs, (both if I’m lucky!) and create awesome, accessible web-things. I’m a multi-everything (browser, OS, device, even text-editor) developer, and I really enjoy coming up with my own fun technical solutions to interesting problems.

Outside work I catch Pokémon, listen to metal & darksynth, mod video games, and tinker with all sort of electronics from Arduino motion controllers to Raspberry Pi robots.

A front-end web developer (although this massively understates this person’s ability and talents) was embedded in our team. The components delivered are highly usable, polished and accessible, meeting all our key requirements.

Nick Myers
Director of digital technology, Digital Theatre+