Eugene Dobrovolsky

Nature lover and UI deep diver

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ From Doslidnytske, a village to the north of Kyiv
πŸ“ Lives in Kyiv

I love tools that work well and feel great to use. At Lighthouse, I help people make complicated technology simple and enjoyable –Β  I’m fascinated by beautiful complexity.

I’ve worked remotely for startups all over the world as well as in-house at product companies.

Over the past seven years I’ve developed a broad UX design expertise as well as going deep into the parts I love the most – detailed UI and interaction design, systems design and visual design.

Outside of work I’m really into nature, both getting out and exploring it with a backpack and a tent, and staying in consuming endless documentaries about it.

Listening to music late at night when everything is quiet makes me happy, as does cooking and having friends over at my place.