Alice Perry

Rural word nerd

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ From Cheshire
πŸ“ Lives in the middle of nowhere Dorset

After realising a life of academia isn’t as much fun as it sounds, I’ve spent most of my career making words work.

I love the challenge of turning complex concepts into something engaging, and have produced content, copy and campaigns for everything from building products to beer.

Design agency clients were always my favourites though, and so I decided to spend all of my time with one of them and join the Lighthouse family.

I drive all of our written content and act as brand guardian, making sure our carefully-crafted image (we are this nice IRL though, honestly) is maintained across the web. Basically, if you’ve ever read anything about Lighthouse online then chances are I was responsible for it.

Outside of work most of my energy (and soft furniture) is taken up by my growing gang of dogs. I always manage to find time to help out with the family business Β too though – not too an arduous task as it’s a boozy treasure trove of wine, spirits and beer.