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Wireframes are an essential part of our workflow. It’s so important to map out what we’re going to build in a simple, low tech way.

There are some amazing tools out there that we use on a regular basis but we always found these let us down on two fronts: their ability to truly adapt across different screen sizes and their inability to allow content to be updated efficiently.

We decided to set aside some time to fix the problem and build an MVP of a tool that would solve our immediate needs. We wanted to be able to present wireframes to clients and have them use the same link across their desktop machines, tablets and mobile phones.

A relatively simple pattern library would get us most of the elements we needed as a first pass. We could add more as time went on.


We have a huge focus on content for all our projects and we often find that people struggle to envision what content will look like in place on websites and products. We wanted a way to not only show clients how content would adapt in wireframes but also allow them, or the copywriters we work with, to edit the content in place without needing to know how to code a web page.


We use GatherContent all the time so it seemed like the perfect tool to plug in. Using their in built collaboration tools and pulling it content using their API we gave users to update content in their wireframes in real time, check how it looked and edit.

Putting the editing capabilities in users’ hands not only saved us lots of time doing tedious updates but also allowed them the chance to get a better view of how their content would work in the final design.

The initial launch has proved massively successful across the various projects we’ve used it in and Livewire has now become our tool of choice for content driven projects

As a copywriter I’m forever sending over words in documents for review. Livewire has been great to allow me to update content with clients using tools that I’m already familiar with.

Anna McLoughlin, Inkspiller

Product features

  • Fully responsive wireframing
  • Simple markup for development teams
  • Real-time content collaboration
  • Integration with popular content management tools
  • Placeholder text option