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A new startup idea being put through its paces

Nabil had an idea he’d been pondering for a while, an opportunity he’d seen, a way to help entrepreneurs. He sketched out a brief and began the process of finding out how much all this was going to cost. We were on his list of agencies to chat to.


We aren’t like other agencies. Through our experience of working with startups we’ve seen what’s wrong with the ‘create a brief, get a proposal, build it’ approach.

Real businesses aren’t that linear – proposals are just guesses and the only winners are the people who end up with your seed money. Show us a startup that began this way and maybe we’ll change our mind!


On the whiteboard

We took Nabil through our lean prototyping approach and together we did the prototype sprint. This is a short project that got his idea out there for a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time.


Mobile prototype

The result was the same as always, things were learnt. Little things about details, big things about the vision. Things that would have come out eventually but we got to them early. Costly mistakes were avoided. It turns out the brief needed a tweak, just building it would have resulted in failure.

The learnings from the Prototype sprint are being channeled back into the idea and it’s developed from there. We wanted to give Nabil’s idea the best chance possible, failing because you built the wrong thing isn’t good enough for us.


Do you have a startup idea that you want to test with real customers? Get in touch to find out how we can get you from concept to physical prototype in a matter of days.

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