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A startup bringing a new spin to charitable donations through product development

As a fast moving operation managing multiple products across various markets Activistic needed a digital design, development and strategic partner to help them rapidly adapt and shift their offering at the drop of a hat.

That’s us.


Acting as both a safe pair of hands to help build new products and push forward the startup’s existing suite we also came on board to help the company innovate using our tried and tested product workshops. We helped mould the product roadmap, uncover hidden opportunities and get the team generating loads of exciting ideas that could then be tested with prototypes.


We bring tools and techniques to organisations that leave them with the ability to innovate and create an environment built for rapid change


Our steering and support retainers offer use of all of our services run using an agile workflow for maximum flexibility. Needs change rapidly in modern digital businesses and we’re there to handle anything that’s thrown at us.

Whether it was helping scope and bring new products to market like DonateMate, creating assets for marketing campaigns or helping fine tune legacy products our wide range of in-house skills made us a perfect fit.

Lighthouse’s ability to help out across the board meant they were a great partner for our small team with rapidly changing needs

Felix Daniel, Activistic


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