Meet Lighthouse.

An experienced team of four backed by a strong network of trusted partners.

  1. Dan Gent
  2. Tom Johnson
  3. Christy Quinn
  4. Russell Bishop

Dan Gent

Co-founder and lots of other things

I used to be billed as “the developer” but slowly the lines of code have reduced and the meetings and workshops have increased. It’s the classic path from development to management; I’ve quite enjoyed it.

My role is to define projects and understand what clients need from us. I’m always pushing to find new ways of working to help the team deliver better and better results.

Outside the office I enjoy sports, music and trying to understand my 2 year old son.

Tom Johnson

Co-founder and self-appointed office interior designer

Part designer, part a bit of everything else that comes with running an agency. I’ve been building websites since 1998, which feels like a long time now I think about it.

I tend to get involved once the wheels are in motion and we’re designing and building. I’m all about getting everyone to work neatly together to push awesome products out the door.

I’m a chilli sauce addict and a self-confessed vinyl junkie. Despite my obsession with all things music, I’d be kidding myself if I claimed I could still play my guitar with any skill. That said, I will destroy you at karaoke. Maybe.

Christy Quinn

Captain Code, you'll find me on the bridge

After finishing a degree in Computer Science I found myself in the arms of Dan and Tom. Needless to say, since then, Lighthouse has gone from strength to strength.

The MVP is my domain. I’ll work with you to define your idea, architect the experience and implement the full product.

Every day, since I started working for Lighthouse, I have made and eaten a ham, cheese and pickle sandwich. It’d just be weird to stop now.

Russell Bishop

Design lead and storyteller of screens.

When a project lands at Lighthouse, I’ll translate your ideas into an experience that people find irresistible.

I’ve been doing so for the best part of a decade – designing for mammoth financial institutes and publishing companies through to education, dentistry and travel.

Christy and I had known each other for years before we started working at Lighthouse, and we fit perfectly into the strictly-best-mates hiring policy that the company owes its success to.

I’m also a huge drum and bass enthusiast and Chess devotee, which makes for a rare venn diagram overlap.

How’d it all start?

It began eight years ago when Dan answered Tom’s call for help to “do a database”. They’d both spent their respective careers in various roles across the web industry, but from that moment they turned their mutual love of the web — and a 25-year-old friendship — into a business. Would it fare better than the fanzine they started at school? It’s still too early to tell.

As the projects got more intense a helping hand was required and Russ and Christy entered onto the scene. After recovering from the sudden drop in average age and rise in average talent they went about working together to create the agency they think the world needs. A team built to let good ideas rise to the top and enjoy themselves while they’re at it.

Lighthouse believes in trusting each other to create good work and supporting each other when the going gets tough. We don’t get involved with anything that doesn’t lead to greatness and when a good idea hits us (like hack days, art days or podcasting), we just do it!