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How To Raise, Fail and Find Your True Calling: Mental Health in Startups with James Routledge


James's journey from building a business, pivoting and failing to rising from the ashes with a new venture aimed at helping those who've been burned by the startup life.

17th May 2016

Life After Techstars: Headliner’s Accelerator Post Mortem with Stan Mcleod


What is a business accelerator? What does it do? Could one help you and your startup?

3rd May 2016

How eBay Listened To Their Early Adopters and Built Long-Lasting Success

How a small website called AuctionWeb became a multi-million-dollar household name by listening to their users.

12th Apr 2016

Lighthouse Book Review: “Creativity Inc” by Ed Catmull


All the secrets behind the masters of storytelling, Pixar. We discuss the ways Ed has built a company where honesty and creativity lie at the heart of everything.

4th Apr 2016

Don’t try and Change the World: Using a Niche to Grow Your Business

Having a plan is essential, and being a company who completely changes an industry is a healthy goal. The issue is trying to run before you can walk.

29th Mar 2016

One Step at a Time: Exploring a New Market With a Lean MVP


How Lighthouse's latest side project, Bandit, is attempting to gain traction by starting small and learning directly from its early adopters

21st Mar 2016

Embrace Feature Chop To Make Your Product Truly Lean

When building a new product it's tempting to include every feature conceivable, but that could actually harm it - you need Feature Chop.

15th Mar 2016

Just Enough Design: Our Tips For Creating Effective Prototypes


Dan and Russ talk about our approach to designing prototypes and how we maximise them for learning, not aesthetics.

8th Mar 2016

The Wizard of Oz MVP: All Style, No Substance

How to fake building a product to get invaluable feedback from customers and save yourself time and money in the long run

1st Mar 2016

Startup Stories – From MVP to Techstars With Stan Mcleod from Headliner


Stan talks about his startup journey, creating two business in five years which took them from humble beginnings to graduating Techstars in 2015

22nd Feb 2016