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Embrace Feature Chop To Make Your Product Truly Lean

When building a new product it's tempting to include every feature conceivable, but that could actually harm it - you need Feature Chop.

15th Mar 2016

Just Enough Design: Our Tips For Creating Effective Prototypes


Dan and Russ talk about our approach to designing prototypes and how we maximise them for learning, not aesthetics.

8th Mar 2016

The Wizard of Oz MVP: All Style, No Substance

How to fake building a product to get invaluable feedback from customers and save yourself time and money in the long run

1st Mar 2016

Startup Stories – From MVP to Techstars With Stan Mcleod from Headliner


Stan talks about his startup journey, creating two business in five years which took them from humble beginnings to graduating Techstars in 2015

22nd Feb 2016

How Good Businesses Learn By Showing Customers Their Rough Edges

Why you should be proud of your imperfect prototype and use it to learn as much as possible, as early as possible from your customer

15th Feb 2016

How To Use Prototyping To Get Instant, Meaningful Feedback From Your Customers


Dan and Tom talk about how to chat to customers and get awesome feedback on your product. What should you be asking? Where can you find your users and much more...

9th Feb 2016

How Prototyping Helped Headliner Develop The Right Features For Their Customers


We filmed our prototyping session with Headliner showing the process we use to get from idea to testable product in just two days. Watch to find out why you should be using prototyping to enhance your product development workflow

1st Feb 2016

How to Spend Your Time on the Right Startup Ideas with Howard Gray


We chatted with Rozel Studio founder Howard Gray about how to evaluate your startup ideas and choose which are the best ones to test and launch

25th Jan 2016

How to Test The Market Without Any Development – The Non-Technical MVP

You don't always need tech to prove an idea and get an MVP out the door. Read how You Need A Budget started from a simple, revenue generating solution before becoming an established business

18th Jan 2016

Three Simple Steps To Self-Starting Your Idea


What do you need to do to get your startup idea out of your head and into the real world? We discuss three simple steps you can use to get going without any technical knowledge

12th Jan 2016