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Can Tech Help a Nation of 1.2 Billion People Go Cashless?


Tom just got back from India! This episode he chats to Simon about their unusual currency situation.

20th Jan 2017

An Introduction to Porter’s Five Forces


Anthony and Tom explain what the Five Forces are and then run a basic analysis using them.

6th Dec 2016

Getting Feedback from the Crowd

Christy takes a very lean, "startup" approach to solving one of the age-old problems of living (and shopping!) with someone.

21st Nov 2016

Crash Course in Starting an Online Business – Event Highlights

Highlights from the talks at our recent event aimed at startup founders looking to get going with their business idea.

11th Nov 2016

Designing for the Future: Pattern Libraries


Russ and Josh talk about a smart way to build future proof, sustainable design systems that can be reused and adapted over time.

21st Oct 2016

Starting up, shutting down and enabling the next generation of entrepreneur with Tristan Watson of Ignite


How a failed startup led to becoming the CEO of one of Europe's most successful accelerators.

13th Sep 2016

Experimenting Your Way to a Global Music Streaming Community with Gilbert Corrales from Leaf


How a close-knit team upped roots, moved to the UK and created a music-streaming app used by tens of thousands across the globe.

7th Sep 2016

Helping Corporates Be More Startup with Howard Rees


Moving quickly and innovating gets harder the larger you get, but the rewards for getting it right are great. Howard Rees from CSC came in to chat with us and outline how he goes about getting larger, more mature companies to "think like a startup".

18th Jul 2016

Building a 20,000-strong community in 1 year: The creation and rise of with Ben Bowler


A chat with the founder of this live streaming music platform about the past, present and future. Pull up, selecta!

30th Jun 2016

Keeping Skills Sharp by Hacking for Good

We got out of the office to hack for a good cause. See how we got on...

27th Jun 2016